We provide you with the opportunity to go beyond the routine of dropping your bags in the hotel room and heading to the nearest restaurant for dinner. Don’t leave your nutrition and personal wellness routine for body and soul at home when you go on your next trip. We will help you make a connection with your natural surroundings and establish a sense of belonging. We provide not just a place to sleep but a home away from home. Prepare your own meals in our full kitchen with cookware, supplies, organic spices, and if you need something special then just ask. Keep up your fitness routine at our fitness center, pool, and spa, and walking/biking paths. Explore the many unique natural places off the beaten path. Learn about hummingbird banding, explore a cave, take a tour of the environmental park, or explore the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.


Ocotillo Ranch

We go beyond the usual reuse your towels and turn off the AC efforts in environmental sustainability at our properties. Water conservation is a primary concern because Sierra Vista is located in the high desert and within the Upper San Pedro Watershed area. We have a mitigation plan for water use at all our properties which is backed by holding land in reserve to compensate for all water used. We hold 10 acres of land in reserve for each bedroom at all our properties. The land, we call Ocotillo Ranch, is located just east of the San Pedro River and is habitat for coyote, red tail hawks, native grasses, agave, cholla, and a plethora of blooming ocotillo cactus plants, and is available for our guests to visit.

Local vegetables are available at the Sierra Vista Farmer’s Market and we sometimes provide our guests with treats form our own organic garden to include, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, and, chili peppers depending on the season.

Ask a hotel clerk where to find that screech owl the locals are talking about and you will get a blank stare. Staying with us will be different, you will get that local “mom and pop” personalized service and “must see” tips you will always remember.

Commercial properties in Seirra Vista don’t get recycling service, but we encourage our guests to leave their recyclables and we will personally put them out with our residential recycling, which is collected every Friday in Sierra Vista.

Sustainable features at our properties include low water-use landscaping, high efficiency insulation, high-efficiency central heating and cooling units, high efficiency windows, low-flow plumbing, energy-efficient LED and CF lighting, and high efficiency under-cabinet LED lighting in the kitchen.